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Pricing and Guidelines


If you've enjoyed my illustrations of popular creatures and characters, consider having an original piece of art created based on your ideas.

  • Have an original character you want to see brought to life?
  • Want to see your favorite character rendered in my art style?
  • Or go further and create an epic crossover between your favorite game, comic,
    or movies franchises?

Then send me a message, and let's get started today!


(*Note: Prices below are for personal use. To sell reproductions of your comission message me for a quote.)

Pricing Options:

Click the thumbnails to view full size versions.


1.) Flat Color: $35

Includes: One character, full body, flat color, simple shading, with a Simple background


Custom Complex Backgrounds, additional characters: +$10 each

2.) Fully rendered: $50

Includes: One character, full body, color, fully rendered, with a simple background


Custom Complex Backgrounds, additional characters: +$25 each

The Process:


1.) Send me a message with the following details:

  • A description of what you want illustrated
  • Links to some reference images if possible
  • For pricing, please specify:
    • How many characters there will there be?
    • Do you want a Simple Background (IE: a gradient, texture, abstract) or
      a custom Complex Baground (in which case describe what you would like)?
    • Do you want my Flat Color or Full Rendered style?

2.) I'll reply with the exact quote based on your request, and any questions I might have.

3.) I'll follow that up with a sketch for you to review.

4.) Once the sketch has been approved, I'll have you submit payment through Paypal.

5.) Upon receiving payment, I will finish coloring and rending the commission.

6.) Once I have your final feedback, I'll send you the completed work as a high-resolution jpeg.


Note: The finished artwork will be posted on my website and social media, at a low resolution. If you wish to remain anonymous as the client, just let me know. If you wish the illustration not to be displayed publically out of privacy or exclusivity, there will be a +$10 charge.


How Soon will I have my commission?

Depending on if I'm working on any commissions currently, I will notify you when I'm ready to begin. From there I will try to have the finished commission ready for you within 2 weeks. Time may vary depending on the complexity of the illustration.

Do you take requests?

Sorry, no. I'm afraid I don't have the time. Also, it wouldn't be fair for those who have already paid for commissions.

Can I sell reproductions of my commission?

The prices listed here are for a personal use licence only. You're welcome to print a copy of your commission for display or share it on social media, but it can not be sold for profit. If you'd like to licence my work for a commercial project, message me for a quote.

Are you avaiable for commercial projects?

Absolutely. If you need a logo, book cover, concept art for a game, or any other kind artistic project, message me a description of what you need, and I will send you my rates.



  Contact me at: artist@christrefz.com


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Chris Trefz Illustration - Chris Trefz is an illustrator working in the Philadelphia area. He has worked on projects including Children's Books, the Science Fiction genre, logos, advertisements, cards, and concept art.